Design & Special Projects


Design & Special Projects

We offer a range of conceptual and engineering design services in 3D CAD at Racing Technik to conceptualise and refine special projects or one-off creations. Once a conceptual design nears final approval, we are then able to test such designs in virtual wind tunnels using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) programs, together with structural integrity testing and virtual crash testing with Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

So, if you have an idea of a body part, intake scoop, rear diffuser or even looking for a complete conceptual vehicle, come talk to us. Linked with our in-house design capability, we are very fortunate to know some of the top vehicle designers and engineers internationally.

We can supply a carbon GT rolling chassis with Lotus 300RR suspension, is half the weight of the Lotus Elise aluminium chassis, weighing in at 45 Kg with torsional stiffness of 17,000 N-M /degree. It is an ideal platform for that special project you are dreaming about. If you have a project in mind, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


LS Race Engines

The LS Race Engines have become one of the most popular and reliable engine choices for a number of specialist car manufacturers. Amongst other; the Ultima EVO, Multiple World Speed Record Holders for production road cars is also powered by a LS-7 7.0 Liter 700 HP with a Zero to 100mph to Zero in 9.4 secs and the fastest ever road going supercar around the Top Gear track in 1 min 12.8 secs.

For Special Projects, we specialize in building race LS engines for GT3 Road Race Cars. We can work with your team to design a race engine that will deliver the performance you want and the reliability you need. If you are looking for a quality built performance LSX engine you have come to the right place. We balance and blue print each engine and only use name brand proven components in these builds. So even if you are looking for a wild 1000hp twin-turbo LS7, we’re your one-stop shop.

  • Each engine custom built to meet your race needs
  • Power Ranges from 500hp to 1500hp

The LS Family of Engines comes in several different configurations:

LS3 – 19301326 6.2L 430 HP 425lb torque
LS376/480 - 19301358 6.2L 495 HP 473lb torque
LS376/515 - 19301359 6.2L 533 HP 477lb torque
LS376/525 - 19301360 6.2L 525 HP 478lb torque
LSA – 19331507 6.2L 556 HP 551lb torque
LS7- 19244098 7.0L 505 HP 470lb torque
LS9 – 1920165 6.2L Supercharged 638 HP 604lb torque

Chevrolet Performance takes the economical LSX to new levels. Available in 4 versions, you can match a great LSX Series Motor to your project with ease.

With racing-engineered combinations that deliver power with factory-validated durability. Each LSX Motor is based on the high-performance LSX Bowtie block, which is designed to support extreme performance combinations, including supercharging, turbocharging and nitrous.

LSX376 B8 – 19260831 6.2 L 476 HP 475lb torque
LSX376 B15 - 19299306 6.2 L 473 HP 444lb torque
LSX454 – 19332316 7.4L 627 HP 586lb torque
LSX454R – 19260833 7.4L 776 HP 649lb torque