At Racing Technik we are able to clean, test and refurbish the majority of petrol fuel injectors, including piezo and standard, old and new, for the vast majority of makes and models. We have a sound reputation of injector cleaning service, with a fast and efficient turnaround, with our state of the art ultrasonic injector cleaning and testing machines.

Our flushing and reverse flushing of injectors during the ultrasonic cleaning phase are unmatched and we constantly achieve top results to remove dirt, varnish and carbon from within the injector internals and seats, returning fuel flow to the highest level of efficiency.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a cleaning process in which ultrasonic sound is passed through a solution, producing millions of high energy bubbles. These bubbles release all of their energy when they make contact with a surface; in this case, the injector surface. This explosion of high energy removes contaminants and loose matter that has stuck to the solid surface and is an ideal method of cleaning high precision equipment.

During normal fuel supply it is not possible to stop tiny particles of debris from entering the fuel supply, as it is not possible to stop substances passing through the fuel filter when you refuel. Injectors in general are expensive to replace when they go wrong, therefore by cleaning and maintaining these injectors, are the best maintenance regime.

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