Racing Technik offers detailing services that no valeting company can offer, due to the knowledge we have in selecting the best products for whatever job is required, together with an uncompromising approach to quality. We also have the latest equipment and products available so that an unrivalled finish can be produced. These include a range of Rupes BigFoot, Duetto, Mini HD, and Bigfoot Nano iBrid Random Orbital Polishers, together with the leading varieties of polishes and top-end exotic waxes for the ultimate in finish and durability.

Our 10 Stage Preparation:

  • Firstly the vehicle is rinsed gently top down, NOT using a high pressure washer with 25°C filtered water and then using water pH neutral foaming wash, giving special attention not to cause surface abrasive damage from dirt and grit on the vehicle’s surface while removing dirt and debris from the bodywork, wheels and arches.
  • The wheels are cleaned using a specific acid-free wheel cleaning solution.
  • The vehicle is then rinsed and washed again using the 2BM (2 Bucket Method) one bucket with shampoo and one with clean water so that dirt is not washed from the bucket onto the bodywork with Microfiber Wash Mitt.
  • The vehicle is then hand dried using plush Microfibers.
  • We then clay the bodywork to remove any bonded surface contaminants such as tar and tree sap, which leaves these surfaces feeling perfectly smooth.
  • The vehicle is then washed again with a pH neutral car shampoo and Merino Wool Wash Mitt.
  • Dried once again with a new set of super plush Microfiber drying towels.
  • Glass cleaned inside & out with a separate set of Microfibers.
  • Interior thoroughly vacuumed & plastics cleaned.
  • Engine bay prepped

Indicative Pricing per Vehicle for 10 Stage Preparation:


R400.00 ex VAT

+/-1 hour


R750.00 ex VAT

+/-2 hours

4x4 SUVs

R950.00 ex VAT

+/-3 hours

Note: Each vehicle is washed with a newly machine washed set of Microfibers and Mitts. We wash glass and paintwork Microfibers in separate batches. Wheels and wheel arches cleaning cloths are hand washed prepared and not mixed with the Microfiber sets.

This brings to an end the wash and preparation stage. The paintwork is now super clean and we then proceed with either:

  • High Gloss Detail Service
  • Paintwork Enhancement Detail
  • Bespoke Vehicle Detailing

High Gloss Detail Service

We also offer High Gloss Detail Service either in our workshop or at a Client’s location. This full detail is to increase the paintwork's depth and gloss, making this detail suitable for those that want a significant improvement on a vehicle's finish. This is done by a single stage machine polish which is then topped by a premium wax providing a long lasting durability to the finish. The process which takes approximately 7 hours, includes:

  • Perform the thorough 10 stage preparation wash
  • Paintwork Burnishing via machine polisher with glazing oils for the ultimate finish
  • Paintwork cleansed with pre-wax treatment (lime prime) to aid the bonding of wax
  • Super-premium high carnauba wax applied to all painted surfaces, OR
  • Professional grade paint sealant applied to all paint work
  • Chrome and stainless steel trim cleaned and polished
  • Wheels waxed with wax/sealant coating
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed with rubber preserver
  • Windows cleaned and polished, inside and out

Indicative Pricing per Vehicle:


R1800.00 ex VAT

+/-5 hours


R3800.00 ex VAT

+/-7 hours

4x4 SUVs

R5200.00 ex VAT

+/-9 hours

Paintwork Enhancement Detail (2 day Booking)

A service specifically catering for the customer that wants to see significant improvement within the appearance of their paintwork without having to go to the extent of a Bespoke Vehicle Detailing.

After a full thorough 10 stage preparation wash over all, the vehicle is removed of any tar, iron and fall out contaminants then clayed to leave the perfect base to enhance and remove defects within the paintwork.

A two stage machine correction approach is taken where the first stage removes a good percentage of the paintwork defects (Swirl Marks, Light scratches, etching etc.) and then the second stage refines and provides that high gloss finish.

The vehicle is then washed again with a pH neutral car shampoo and Merino Wool Wash Mitt, then dried once again with a new set of super plush Microfiber drying towels to remove any polishing dust and then given a layer of sealant or wax depending upon the owner’s preference to provide great protection to help protect the vehicles new finish. This is followed by an Interior Deep Clean and exterior paint and wheel sealants to a crystal ceramic coating which lasts up to 3 years.

Indicative Pricing per Vehicle:


R3000.00 ex VAT

+/-8 hours


R7700.00 ex VAT

+/-14 hours

4x4 SUVs

R8600.00 ex VAT

+/-16 hours

Bespoke Vehicle Detailing

Our Bespoke Vehicle Detailing process typically starts with the thorough 10 stage preparation wash to enable us to conduct a survey and analysis of what detailing work is required and a cost indication can be calculated. This survey is done under different lighting conditions to identify problem areas

The Bespoke Vehicle Detailing includes details focus upon the improvement of paintwork condition, trim detail and interior. We start of by selecting a test area where the least amount of potential damage to the paintwork can be caused and apply firstly the softest polishing formulas and techniques. Normally 3 processes are compared to decide the overall strategy on what the best solution may be for the vehicle’s overall improvement. After this evaluation, depending on the make of vehicle, it is often required to remove or unclip panels, headlights and compartments to systematically progress through the bespoke detailing process. Dust management is critical and the whole area is treated as a clean room environment. This is done by the removal of fine scratches, swirls, etching and paint defects, all of which can be caused by commercial car washes and poor washing technique - e.g. brushes, brittles and grit in sponges. These details are suited to new and used vehicles that suffer from defects in the paintwork finish.

Restoration and high-end correction detailing can only be performed at our workshop, since dust management, controlled white balanced lights and distilled water are some of the necessities to ensure a clean room dust free environment to deliver the optimum results. Onsite service can be arranged after consultation and evaluation of a Client’s vehicle storage facilities.

Cost and timeframe can vary considerably for completion based on final evaluation, inspection, vehicle age and condition. This services is normally required by top end collectors that want to ensure investment appreciation or concourse presentable condition.

3M Scotchgard Clear Polyurethane Film Paint Protection

3M Scotchgard paint protection film is virtually invisible once installed. It is a clear polyurethane film is 0.8 millimeters thick with adhesive backing and applied to reduce paint chips and bug damage. It keeps your car's paint looking newer, longer Paint protection film is the most effective way to defend your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, sand, gravel, road debris and insects. The film has a clear top-coat finish which allows the clear bra to shine like your vehicle's paint. It is nearly invisible on the painted surface of your vehicle.


Headlight Lens Restoration

Clear headlight lenses increase your safety and they improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. The good news about headlight lenses is that they are correctable. Cars were originally built with glass headlights that were easily broken. Most vehicles built since 1990 have polycarbonate lenses. This is a type of clear plastic that bounces back from considerable impact, making it an ideal choice for the front of a vehicle. The problem with polycarbonate is its tendency to yellow and cloud over time as a result of UV exposure. Fortunately, a number of products have been formulated to remove this haze and clarify damaged lenses with minimal cost and effort. In most cases, replacement can be avoided.

We follow a professional 3-step lens polishing procedure that removes yellowing and haze and restores clarity to plastic headlights and taillights. Once we are satisfied with the results we then apply a specialised resin-based headlight coating designed to protect headlights against yellowing, fading and discoloration. This coating forms a covalent bond with the headlight and cross-links to blanket the lens with a durable, protective film.



R200.00 ex VAT


R220.00 ex VAT
(from - per headlight, depending on severity)

4x4 SUVs

R250.00 ex VAT
(from - per headlight, depending on severity)