Porsche 911 (996/997) BBI Rear Upper Control Arm Kit

Imported, price accurate to +- R1,000.00

  • Provides Additional Rear Toe Adjustment
  • Helps Maintain Proper Rear Suspension Geometry
  • Improves Stability
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BBi’s rear Upper Control Arm Kit represents the final piece of their StreetCup line of suspension components. These heim-jointed UCAs are designed to offer the final adjustment settings needed to dial in perfect wheel alignment and extend the rear track of the vehicle enhancing stability and road holding characteristics. Each arm bolts directly to the sub-frame maintaining geometry under all driving conditions. Optimize rear wheel alignment and extend your rear track width with BBi’s Rear Upper Control Arm Kit. Links rear wheel carrier directly to sub-frame. Provides Kinematic Toe Adjustment. Extends Rear Track width.

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