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We are independent Volkswagen specialists in Cape Town, our services are unparalleled. We are an RMI 5 STAR GRADED WORKSHOP. We understand our clients needs and deliver a VW service Cape Town that meets and exceeds their expectations. Rest assured that when it comes to servicing your ultimate driving machine, Racing Technik excels.

With advanced diagnostics and specialist repair skills, we are one of Cape Town’s premier independent Volkswagen technicians

VW Service Cape Town

VW Minor Service

  • Oil & filter change
  • VW car inspection and report including all lights, instruments, bodywork, glass, locks, battery, coolant level, drive belts, braking system, steering, hoses, drive shafts and exhaust system.
  • Full vehicle road test
  • VW diagnostic check including report
  • Re-set service interval display
  • Service stamp in service book
  • VW service Cape Town
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VW Major Service

  • Oil & filter change
  • Replace pollen filter
  • VW vehicle inspection and report to include all lights, instruments, bodywork, glass, locks, battery, coolant level, drive belts, braking system, steering, hoses, drive shafts, exhaust system, spark plugs (petrol engine) or fuel filter (diesel engine), remove wheels and check brakes, check/adjust tension on all drive belts
  • Replace air filter
  • Full VW road test
  • Diagnostic check including report
  • Re-set service interval display
  • Service stamp in service book
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Additional VW Services Cape Town

  • Every year, regardless of kilometres: Perform visual check of air bag system.
  • Every 2 years, regardless of kilometres: Replace dust and pollen filter (if applicable).
  • Every 2 years, regardless of kilometres: Check and observe the date on the tire filler bottle in the tire mobility kit.
  • Every 3 years, regardless of kilometres and then every 2 years after: Change brake fluid.
  • Every 4 years, regardless of kilometres: Replace tire filler bottle in tire mobility set (Observe expiration date).
  • Every 6 years, regardless of kilometres: Replace spark plugs.
  • Every 6 years, regardless of kilometres: Replace air filter element and snow filter and clean housing (if applicable).

A Volkswagen service in Cape Town should be focused on improving your vehicle and driving experience, which is why our team of mechanics at Racing Technik is constantly learning about the VW brand; engine specification, design, new models, tuning and upgrades, so we can apply this knowledge and expertise to your next service. Your vehicle is important to you and we will take special care to return it in a far better condition than when you left it with us in Paarden Eiland.

Volkswagen’s are highly complex vehicles requiring expert service to keep them running at optimum levels. Here at Racing Technik, we’re experts in servicing all VW models.

Based in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town we do minor services through to major engine and transmissions services and rebuilds. Our mechanics have the skills and technical know-how to service your Volkswagen and get it running smoothly again.

Don’t leave the job of servicing your Volkswagen to just any Cape Town mechanic, leave it to our skilled team of VW Service professionals here at Racing Technik, Cape Town’s premier German car servicing experts.


Our expert mechanics can carry out a range of services for your VW, including power steering repairs, shock absorber replacement and repairs.


At Racing Technik, we specialise in the latest tools and technology In Direct Shift Transmission (DSG) VW Gearbox Servicing. We also do Dual Clutch Gearbox Repair and servicing.


Your VW is a finely tuned machine and we have the software to enhance your vehicles performance. Give us a call if your Volkswagen isn’t sounding as it should as we have the tools and the team to fine tune your vehicle


We do all servicing for your VW including oil change, spark plugs, air and oil filter changes. We use VW approved engine oil and high-quality filters to make sure your vehicle is safe for another year.


If the long-term wear and tear of your VW requires replacement of the engine or you are just looking for a performance upgrade, we, at Racing Technik will completely disassemble, inspect and replace any parts required, with genuine Volkswagen spares.


Inevitable electrical faults can keep your VW off the road or not running smoothly. We can confidently diagnose electrical faults at our workshop in Paarden Eiland, carrying out the required repairs to get your VW back in pristine condition and on the road again

German Precision – VW Workshop in Cape Town

Racing Technik is a Paarden Eiland-based Cape Town Volkswagen workshop that is equipped with innovative diagnostics and specialist repair tools that ensure your prized German vehicle gets the best care. Our VW technicians focus on not only improving the performance of your vehicle, but also your overall driving experience.

Your VW should not be serviced or maintained by just any fly-by-night VW mechanic. Bring it into our independent workshop and leave it in the hands of Volkswagen enthusiasts. Whether you own a VW Golf, Polo, Passat, Tiguan, or Touareg, we will treat each one with the expert care it deserves. From sedans to SUV’s, our workshop is equipped to handle your model.

All repair and maintenance work carried out in our Cape Town Volkswagen Workshop is guaranteed. We go above and beyond to provide our valued customers with a superior standard of service. Racing Technik uses only top of the range approved parts and oils to ensure your VW performs at its very best.

The mechanics at our Cape Town VW workshop have an uncompromising attitude towards quality and excellence. We tackle each VW repair job with attention-to-detail and personal care. We take immense pride in being the go-to independent VW workshop for many Paarden Eiland Volkswagen owners.

When searching online for a VW workshop near me, many results many come up but not all are as professional and reliable as the team at Racing Technik. We not only take pride in our specialist VW services but in our work space as well. When you enter our workshop, you will encounter a clean, neat space and a friendly yet professional environment. Each vehicle we work on is covered with a protective sheet to ensure that it stays in pristine condition.

When it comes to VW tuning, upgrades, engine specs and more, our  VW workshop mechanics excel. Their unparalleled expertise enables them to undertake anything from minor services through to engine rebuilds. Your VW is a highly complex machine that requires expert servicing to keep it performing at optimum levels. By utilising the latest tools and technology on the market, we can professionally and expertly take care of your German machine.

Keep your Volkwagen in top notch condition thanks to the skilled and fully-qualified mechanics at Racing Technik. From our modern, well-equipped and cared for auto care workshop, our mechanics can complete a reliable and personalised VW service for Cape town-based motorists who care about the condition and smooth running of their vehicle. So, if you’ve been searching for the “best car servicing and repair team” give Racing Technik a call on 021  380 0035


We worked diligently to achieve and maintain our top-rated status and aim for customer satisfaction as a premier independent VW auto repair centre with a reputation for delivering quality VW servicing and maintenance.

  • Fair prices for a Premier Service Experience
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quick turnaround repair services
  • Fully qualified, experienced technicians
  • All repairs and servicing guaranteed (excluding electrical)
  • We also offer Audi Service, BMW Service and Porsche Service


  • What is the recommended replacement intervals?

    • Timing Belt                                              85000Km
    • Cam Chain                                               120000Km
    • Brake Fluid Flush                                    2 years
    • DSG Gearbox Oil Service                       80000Km
    • Manual Gearbox Oil Service                  50000Km
    • Diesel Fuel Filter                                      30000Km
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