Racing Technik is a premier vehicle repair workshop specialising in German car maintenance, repairs and services. Owners of VW’s, Audi’s, BMW’s and Porsche’s can have their cars serviced and maintained by our experienced technicians who are knowledgeable about these unique vehicles. Racing Technik offers a wide range of services from routine maintenance and oil changes, to complex repairs and performance upgrades. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to diagnose and repair problems, ensuring that your German car receives the best care possible.

By choosing our workshop, you can be sure that your vehicle will be serviced by technicians who are familiar with the specific needs of German cars. We understand the intricacies of German engineering and use only the highest quality parts and fluids, ensuring that your car is running at its best. Our workshop is equipped with the latest software and technology for programming and coding, allowing our team to perform even the most complex of repairs. Whether you’re looking to have routine maintenance done or need more extensive repairs, Racing Technik is the best choice for your vehicle.

Car Mechanic Near Hout Bay

Are you looking for a car mechanic near Hout Bay that understands what your German car needs? Choose Racing Technik. We provide hassle-free, quality vehicle servicing and exceptional customer service. Our German car mechanics are passionate about what they do and it shows in their work. We focus mainly on the servicing and maintenance of Audi, VW, Porsche, and BMW which gives us an edge over most of our competitors.

We only employ certified mechanics that are trained specialists in German cars. We use up-to-date and advanced software, equipment and diagnostic tools to ensure your car gets the best possible care. Our independent service centre offers you a range of services ranging from diagnostic services through to design and special projects. Whatever your German car needs, Racing Technik can provide you with exceptional service and quality parts.

BMW Specialist Near Hout Bay

BMW’s are sophisticated cars that require superior care. At Racing Technik, we have BMW technicians that understand these ultimate driving machines. Our staff are trained on the latest maintenance procedures for all BMW models and utilise only state-of-the-art equipment when working on your car. Our up-to-date diagnostic tools enable us to tackle even the most complex BMW issues ensuring that your vehicle gets the best possible service.

As independent BMW mechanics servicing Hout Bay clients, we are fully qualified to take care of any repair, maintenance, or replacement needed for your BMW. When you bring your car into our workshop, rest assured that we will strive to deliver that smooth drive you’ve come to expect from German engineering.

Audi Service Near Hout Bay

Do you need an Audi specialist with the knowledge and skills to provide the highest level of care for your German vehicle? Racing Technik can help. We are a RMI 5star graded workshop that specialise in Audi servicing, maintenance and repairs. Our state-of-the-art workshop is equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure that every job we tackle is done quickly and efficiently.

Whether your Audi needs a straight forward oil change or a complex engine repair, our specialists have the expertise to get the job done right the first time. Don’t leave your Audi in the hands of just any mechanic. Choose professionals that specialise in Audi’s and understand complex German engineering. Your car will receive only the highest level of specialised care.

Volkswagen Independent Workshop Close To Hout Bay

At Racing Technik, our repair and maintenance services for VW’s are designed to ensure that your car is running at its best and provides you with optimal performance and longevity. Our independent VW workshop boasts the latest technology that enables us to tackle each VW issue efficiently and effectively. Besides the highest quality repairs, you can also expect a first class customer experience.

When it comes to German cars like VW, we believe the element of specialisation is crucial. Our technicians are well-trained mechanics that take each job personally. If you are searching for a reputable Volkswagen specialist near Hout Bay, we are your solution. Entrust your vehicle to the certified technicians at Racing Technik today.

Porsche Repairs & Servicing Near Hout Bay

Are you looking for complete repair and maintenance solutions for your Porsche? Racing Technik are proud to offer you the services of experienced and professional Porsche technicians that understand your car. We are dedicated to servicing and maintaining all Porsche models for clients in Hout Bay. We are a specialist, independent Porsche workshop that prides itself on carrying out high-quality workmanship.

By using innovative diagnostic and testing equipment, our mechanics are able to find any issues with your Porsche and put a plan in place to resolve them quickly and effectively. We use only official Porsche parts in our repairs and replacements. This ensures you get rigorously tested parts that are of the highest quality. If you’ve been searching for a passionate and dynamic team of Porsche technicians, Racing Technik has them.

Diagnostics Services for German Cars

We’ve invested in advanced tools and hardware capable of efficiently diagnosing the makes and models of German cars we specialise in. These tools give our technicians instant solutions to the problems your car may be experiencing. Our diagnostic services are designed to not only save you time on servicing and repairs, but also save you money in the long-term.

When you choose Racing Technik for your diagnostic services, you will be entrusting your car to expert mechanics that are fully certified to diagnose and service your Audi, Porsche, BMW, or VW. Our workshop is equipped with the Autel MaxiSys MS909 diagnostic scanning platform, together with VCDS and ISTA+ Our system allows us to identify even the most complex problems and fix them properly.

Vehicle Performance Upgrades

Whether you’re a driving enthusiast or simply just want a little more performance out of your German car, the team at Racing Technik offer a range of performance upgrades.

From upgrading your suspension to improving aesthetics with a set of lowering springs, we can help. Our services are designed to suit your needs so speak to us about specific requirements and we will work with you to achieve the desired results.

We supply and install many replacement parts from air suspension components through to high-performance brakes. Bring your Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz or BMW in and let us enhance its performance today. We are here to make you faster and safer on the road and the track.

Carbon Cleaning Service Hout Bay

Racing Technik is your one-stop vehicle service workshop that specialises in carbon cleaning for German vehicles. We only utilise the latest technology to decarbonise your engine and restore its performance. Our walnut carbon blasting/vacuum process is both cost and time affective guaranteeing the shortest turnaround time.

Stop dealing with poor acceleration, misfiring, and reduced fuel efficiency. Bring your car in today and start enjoying a smoother more pleasurable drive. We specialise in carbon cleaning on Audi, BMW, Porsche and Volkswagen and are the Official and only Carbon Doctor Branch in the Western Cape.

Hout Bay Vehicle Fabrication Services

Are you in need of a German car customisation specialist near Hout Bay ? You’ve found one. Racing Technik offer top-class vehicle fabrication services designed to enhance your vehicle the way you envisioned. From manufacturing bespoke carbon fibre parts to complete vehicle restoration projects, we can help you.

We carry out all our work with meticulous attention to detail and offer the highest standards of workmanship. We also offer a complete turnkey solution with fitment and bespoke tubular fabrication to meet your requirements. Get in touch with us today and let’s build something magnificent together.

Software Tuning Services Not Far From Hout Bay

Improper ECU tuning can result in damage to your engine and other components. It’s crucial to have the work done by a reputable provider like Racing Technik. We provide custom tuning solutions utilising our Autotuner platform (Master Unit) to perform tuning/remapping of your cars Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to further improve performance of your German vehicle.

Our software tuning service not only increases your vehicle’s horsepower and torque, it can also result in improved fuel efficiency and driveability. It’s worth noting that ECU tuning should only be performed by experienced professionals like the ones at Racing Technik. We have the necessary equipment and knowledge to make these modifications safely.

Design and Special Projects

An additional service we offer is a range of conceptual and engineering design services in 3D CAD. Undertaking a special project with the team at Racing Technik will be an exciting experience and informative journey. From the tyres to the engine to the windows, we will work with you for the entire project and take care of every aspect of the build.

Whether you have an idea of a body part, intake scoop, rear diffuser or even looking for a complete conceptual vehicle, we are your go-to specialists. We are very fortunate to know some of the top vehicle designers and engineers internationally so if you have a project in mind, come in and discuss it with us.

Fuel Injector Cleaning Near Hout Bay

Fuel injector cleaning not only improves the performance of your engine, it can extend its lifespan. Carbon build-up can cause a variety of issues, such as misfires, hesitation, decreased fuel efficiency, and increased emissions. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, we suggest you make an appointment with our specialists at Racing Technik today.

We are able to clean, test and refurbish the majority of petrol fuel injectors, including piezo and standard, old and new, for the vast majority of makes and models. Cleaning and maintaining injectors for Audi, BMW, Porsche and Volkswagen, are the best maintenance regime. Let us help you return your fuel flow to the highest level of efficiency.

German Car Specialist Hout Bay

At Racing Technik, we are constantly striving to set new standards of excellence in automotive repair. We have devoted ourselves to the maintenance, service, repair and restoration of German cars. Over the years, we have earned a reputation as a pre-eminent authority on BMW, Audi, VW, and Porsche. We are fast becoming one of the most respected mechanical service professional workshops in the Western Cape. Bring your car in today and find out why many German car owners choose us to carry out all their repairs and maintenance.

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